After adding over 200 new features and products to AdWords over the past year, Google recently decided to add one more new page to their AdWords help center. The aptly-titled New AdWords Features page allows users to see what new features have been added, when they were added, and why they were added for your benefit. With seven new updates to account for in the last two months alone, we can only imagine what’ll be coming in the next 10. At least you’ll be able to stay on top of it all.

As if that wasn’t enough, Google also kicked off their Best Practices Series to give you everything you need to make the most of AdWords and improve your quality score. From bidding strategies to mobile optimization, these informative videos are already a go-to resource for everyone looking to maximize their campaign dollars.

Whether you’re an AdWords veteran or just getting started, AdWords just got a lot more accessible. On that note, happy bidding, everyone!

What other features would you like to see Google add to AdWords?