At the surface level, these two options look very similar. Both offer a targeted marketing strategy where you can choose who views your ads. Facebook and Google each offer paid advertising models in addition to free online marketing tools like Google+ Business Pages and Facebook Fan Pages.

Facebook ads and Google Adwords differ in the way that they are used. Facebook sessions usually tend to last longer than a Google search session, and are more of a recreational activity. The key difference with Google AdWords is when someone is on Google search they are searching for something specific.

When to use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are best used for building a brand and creating brand awareness. These ads are much less likely to result in immediate sales but will boost sales long-term.

When to use Google Adwords

Google Adwords works best for established brands or specific campaigns which will catch the attention of someone doing a search online.

You should run a campaign with both Facebook ads and Google Adwords and review the results after a few weeks. This will allow you to see how well each campaign is performing and where adjustments need to be made to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

Which do you use? Do you prefer Google AdWords, Facebook ads, or both?


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