One of the fastest growing methods for companies to promote their brand is the viral video. According to a recent article by Fast Company, companies that release videos that end up going viral often see up to 34 times more Internet traffic than companies that don’t do any video marketing. BuzzFeed has been rapidly growing, thanks in large part to the videos they produce and the dedicated 40 person staff who creates the videos. But why exactly are Buzzfeed videos so successful at online engagement? Believe it or not, they actually have viral video production down to a science.

The Growth of Online Video

One of the keys to any successful marketing campaign is knowing who your target audience is, and BuzzFeed knows exactly who their prime audience is. They know most of their ideal target comes from what is known as the “Bored at Work” network. The typical member of the “Bored at Work” network is someone who frequently uses a computer but may not be using it for work. BuzzFeed is constantly testing their content with their audience to figure out exactly what resonates well with them and what doesn’t.

The Statistics Don’t Lie

According to Forbes, 2015 is the year when Facebook will most likely overtake YouTube in video views, and this is key to BuzzFeed’s continued popularity. As of August 2015, BuzzFeed has amassed nearly 5.2 million followers on its Facebook page, with an additional 6.5 million followers on their page dedicated exclusively to BuzzFeed Videos. This is in contrast to the BuzzFeed Video YouTube channel, which has 7.2 million subscribers. Using social media helps BuzzFeed reach millions of followers on multiple social platforms almost instantly, followers who in turn share the content with their friends and family.

Brand Awareness

BuzzFeed has mastered the art of creating brand awareness in a way that is engaging, and often times fun, for the consumer. People who had never heard of BuzzFeed just a few years ago have now been drawn to their website, thanks in large part to shares from friends and family via social media. Many of their videos are not only humorous in nature, but informative as well. After all, where else are you likely to see a well made compendium of videos that shows you how to make a milkshake in 32 seconds?

Why should you consider showing videos as part of your marketing strategy? Videos, especially videos that end up going viral, can help extend the reach of your company and its message in an interactive way that truly engages your customers. You can use videos to promote the products you’re selling, to profile your staff, or even to showcase customer reviews. In BuzzFeed’s case, videos are used as a medium to show their fun side in action, which then helps drive traffic to their website. Who knows? If your company starts using videos in your marketing campaigns, you might become the next BuzzFeed of your industry!