The evolution of onsite-to-online shopping has forced businesses to change their approach to attracting leads. Landing pages are increasingly replacing sales reps as the catalyst for the conversion process. A landing page is a tool utilized to convert visitors into genuine sales leads. These pages are intended to entice visitors – potential customers — into sharing personal information about themselves by offering them a specific piece of content.

So, what are some key elements you should include to make your landing page as effective as possible? Here are five easy-to-follow tips and techniques to ensure that your landing page converts as many visitors as possible into true sales, leads, and paying customers.

(1) Create a Short-but-Powerful Title

Your landing page must have a compelling title. The title of your landing page is the hook that will intrigue your visitor. Without an eye-catching heading, your visitor will be inclined to hit the exit button.

The title must also reveal exactly what is being offered. In order to entice your visitor to move forward through the conversion process, you must propose a captivating offer that will make the visitor want to divulge their personal information. This will not happen if you don’t immediately grab their attention.

(2) Center Your Landing Page around Obtaining Visitor Information

Although the whole point of a landing page is to attract your visitor by offering them a specific piece of content, your predominant goal should always be to create the ability to contact your visitor, educate them on your business and convert them into a customer. In order to ensure that you obtain the critical information from your lead, you must make certain that there is nothing on your landing page that will distract them. This means that your landing page should be free of website navigation, guide menus, and off-page SEOs. This will increase the chances that the only action taken by the visitor is providing you with their information.

(3) Make your CTAs and Buttons Stand Out

Now that you have the visitor’s attention, how do you get them to take action? Your Call-To-Action (CTA) button is the second most prominent object in your landing page. A CTA essentially tells the visitor what to do. Your CTA is the equivalent of a ‘submit’ button, which sends their information to your database, and subsequently directs the viewer to the content that was promised. Your CTA should use action-oriented verbs that include enticing information about the offer. Example: If your landing page is trying to attract your visitor to try new shaving blades, it may be wise to include the words “FREE” or “FREE TRIAL” to let the visitor know the specifics of the offer. Razor blades are notoriously expensive, so letting the visitor know that the trial is free may be the perfect way to persuade him or her to pursue the offer.

(4) Keep your Information Appealing and Above the Fold

Keeping your information above the fold means that your visitor should not have to scroll down to learn the most critical elements of your offer. If the information is not right in front of them, and they must work to learn what they need to know, they will be much more likely to exit out and be on their way – and your potential lead is lost.

(5) Your ROI for Your Landing Pages Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Yes, there are basic elements that every landing page should have (catchy title, action-oriented CTA, simple but informative information, etc.). But the real power is in the specifics. Every company is different. Every offer is different. So that means every landing page must be unique. What may work for one company might not work for you.

If you find that your landing page is not producing a sufficient amount of leads, make small, incremental changes so that you can track increases and decreases in the response rate. Making too many changes at once won’t allow you to narrow down and deduce what is and isn’t working. Sometimes, something as simple as changing an action verb or increasing the size of your CTA might be enough to increase lead generation among visitors and improve customer engagement.

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