These AdWords training tools and resources allow you to gain a competitive edge over other agencies and potentially gain new clients. Becoming a Google Partner can also enhance your company’s credibility. If a potential client sees that your business is a Partner, they will know that Google has enough trust to associate with your company. Due to this, Google has made the certification process challenging.

Here are the two major requirements for becoming a Google Partner:

  1. Exams. The first step in getting certified is to pass two of the Google Partner exams, the search fundamentals exam and the advanced exam. Google offers a free online learning center to help you prepare for the exams and educate yourself about AdWords. The ultimate goal of becoming certified is to be able to effectively use AdWords to increase traffic to websites.
  2. Successful client relations. Google will take a detailed look at several facets of your company by looking into things like your rate of retaining clients, activity on client accounts, and whether you are getting the most out of the client’s budget. Google does this to make sure your clients are receiving the best service possible, so they can assure your company is worth vouching for.

Will you consider making your company a certified Google Partner?