That’s why we’ve identified some of the best marketing resolutions for the coming year. If you haven’t already, take some time to review and integrate these resolutions into your marketing efforts for increased brand awareness and success in your marketing initiatives for 2014.

Consider these seven marketing resolutions for 2014:

  1. Enhance your website. Your website requires constant maintenance to stay current on content and modern in design. If it’s been awhile since you updated your site, consider writing some new content, incorporating new pages, or developing a new design layout with personalized graphics.
  2. Make sure it’s SEO compliant. Having a search engine optimized website will improve your search ranking and help your customers better find you in their online searches. Take the time review your website and blog content and optimize it with keyword integration.
  3. Keep your content fresh and engaging. Updating your content on a regular basis supports better SEO and helps engage the customer in your message. Have your copywriting team develop some fresh content for your website, blog, and marketing materials in the new year.
  4. Start utilizing your blog more frequently. Having a business blog is a great way to interact with customers, display your industry expertise, and publish fresh content on your website. Utilize your blog and commit to a schedule of when and what you will blog about for consistency.
  5. Make sure it’s mobile-friendly. This has been a big one for some time but many businesses are still not optimized for mobile-friendly viewing. Invest the time and resources to get your website and email marketing campaigns mobile-friendly for 2014.
  6. Develop successful lead generation campaigns. The beginning of each year is a great time to evaluate your lead generation campaigns and develop new and innovative approaches to capturing leads. Get together with your team to brainstorm campaign strategies and execution.
  7. Create a powerful call-to-action. Remember the importance of a powerful call-to-action in 2014 by developing and testing different options. Once you find what is successful, see how you can utilize it across multiple platforms for increased success and lead generation.

Will you make any of these marketing resolutions for 2014? What are some of your own? Tell us in the comments below.

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