Did you know that there are over 237 million mobile internet users in the United States? And the average mobile user touches their phone over 2,617 times a day. Plus, the number of online users that access the internet exclusively via mobile devices is expected to increase, and business owners must realize that their customers’ digital interaction is more and more likely to come from a mobile device—not internet browsing on a desktop. That’s why mobile marketing, defined as any promotional activity created specifically for smartphones, is a requirement for business owners seeking to increase visibility and reach current and potential customers in real time. We’re addicted to our phones—and projections indicate that time spent on mobile devices will only increase as mobile apps and location-based services improve. That said, it’s no wonder that some of today’s most effective mobile marketing tips and strategies are being implemented by Fortune 500 companies like Intel and Paramount.

Now that you’re fully convinced of the necessity of a mobile marketing plan, here are some of the best mobile marketing tips to try from the experts at Millennium Agency:

5 Effective Mobile Marketing Tips

  1. Utilize in-app mobile marketing—also known as app-based marketing—to place advertisements within different apps. Because apps account for over 90% of time spent on smartphones, it’s ideal to employ a few different in-app marketing services, such as GoogleAdMob and Facebook’s SDK (Software Developer Kit). These platforms help users create ads that are integrated into a third-party app or the Facebook app.
  2. Deploy in-game marketing, which can refer to placing video ads that appear while loading games or more subtle, organically integrated ads, such as the name of a company on a billboard in a virtual city or on a car in a racing game. The key to in-game marketing is ensuring that the advertiser is paired well with the gaming audience.
  3. SMS mobile marketing, or text-message marketing, and MMS (which refers to text messages plus multimedia like pictures) allow advertisers to directly communicate with consumers via text messages. It requires consumers to opt into an automated system, usually by texting an initial short code in order to receive specials, sales, product updates or more information. Following the opt-in, their phone number is stored by the SMS marketing software used by the company, allowing for future communication. With eight times the response rate of email, SMS text messages are a surefire way to drive retail and online sales traffic. However, because of the disruptive nature of text messages, the key to effective SMS marketing is to be timely and selective in your communication.
  4. Mobile search ads are search engine advertisements that are indexed and developed specifically for mobile devices. They are displayed through a search engine such as Google, and often feature add-on extensions like click-to-call or maps. In addition, location services on user devices can narrow down the search to relevant local companies. Approximately 57% of search queries come from mobile devices as opposed to desktop, which illustrates the importance of reaching mobile searchers and optimizing advertisements for mobile devices.
  5. QR codes—or quick-response codes—are two-dimensional barcodes that can be read by smartphones with a camera. Generating QR codes are free and allow mobile users to access your content after scanning the code. They make effective mobile marketing tools because they can be placed everywhere—on product packaging, business cards, posters, flyers, sales receipts or really anywhere you can think of. They can link to your website, customer feedback form, directions to your business, an event page or social media sites. QR codes also offer built-in analytics, which makes it simple to track their effectiveness.

Mobile marketing is an increasingly complicated field and offers many ways to engage with your audience and grow your business. If you find you require assistance with jumpstarting or enhancing your mobile marketing plan, contact Millennium Agency.

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