Learn about these pay-per-click tips to get your campaign started:

  1. Make a valuable offer with a call-to-action. Your ads should provide value to a potential consumer whether it is a discount, special offer, event, etc. There should be some kind of unique pull for the user. Always include a call-to-action; you want anyone who sees your ad to be directed to do something that will move them through the sales process.
  2. Direct to a targeted landing page. Never have ads just go to a page on your website, they should always direct to a targeted landing page that drives home the call-to-action from your ad. Use a landing page to deliver greater detail on your offer and collect consumer data.
  3. Develop consistent content. This is an important aspect of any PPC campaign, consistent content across all phases of the campaign. Your keywords, ad content, and landing page content should all be consistent with the same messaging and call-to-action to help convert leads.
  4. Test your campaigns and copy. Take the time to test your campaigns and different ad copy. Find out which copy, incentives, and keywords work best and refine them as needed. By testing out different campaigns and copy, you will be able to pin down which ads produce the best results.
  5. Track your conversions. Always track your conversions to determine the success of your campaigns. This means tracking consumers to see if they convert from a potential customer into an actual customer by completing the call-to-action in your ad.

Do you find these tips useful? Do you already practice these things in your own campaigns?

Image courtesy of nokhoog_buchachon at FreeDigitalPhotos.net