The Search Marketing Expo took place in New York City last week and some seriously game-changing marketing stats were revealed. Stats we know will be useful in refueling your digital marketing efforts.

50% of Search Queries tend to be 4 Words or More

Gone are the days of a couple of buzzwords being typed into Google and marketers focusing optimizing these keywords. This shift means marketers should be communicating more with their support teams, the ones who field the questions not on your website, and find out what people are asking so you can make sure your marketing is answering these questions (and phrases) on your site.

97% of Leads Are Lost on Leaky Landing Pages

WordStream founder, Larry Kim, shared this jaw-dropping stat with attendees. It goes to show that traffic generation efforts are fruitless if visitors are just leaving, doesn’t it?

The solution? Call-only buttons. These are newer features that we’re seeing on Twitter, Facebook, and even Google AdWords. Instead of directing leads to your website, the idea is to direct them straight to you.

If you’re not convinced, check out the next stat.

Click-to-Call Commerce is set to Reach $1 Trillion in 2015 – and Double by 2019

The bottom line: if your search campaigns aren’t using click-to-call, or you’re not properly tracking those phone calls, you’re seriously missing out on the value they could be bringing your business.

It’s Become Twice as Hard to Get Ads Seen on Mobile SERPs

Digital strategies for the mobile landscape are a whole different playing field. What you need to be doing to get your ads seen on mobile SERPs is bidding up. Start focusing on high purchase intent keywords, specifically long-tailed queries. Also focus on emergency and purchase-type keywords such as “discount” and “buy.” Take those keywords and stick them in their own campaigns and get to work bidding up on mobile.

Don’t let poor mobile performance put you off. Revamp that strategy and save your lower-intent keywords for desktop digital campaigns where you’re more likely to gain profitable visibility.

Over 86% of Our Time on Our Phones is Spent within Apps

Once you get a lead to download your app, the chances of converting them, or keeping consumers coming back, can increase drastically. Let’s think about it. If you get someone to utilize your app, that’s a direct marketing channel to them and massive opportunity to build long-term brand loyalists and customers.

So it’s time to make marketing your company’s app high priority. Perhaps even more so than mobile. Create a strategy that will get more app traffic through Twitter Cards, Facebook App links and Google App Index.

All Sounds a Little Daunting?

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