When you commit to running your own business, it may feel like you have surrendered all of your free time. Balancing your work and family life and obligations is difficult if you are working over 40 hours each week. One survey shows that entrepreneurs work an average of 52 hours per week, with some putting in up to 60-70 hours! You can save yourself from being burned out every week by putting a few time-saving solutions into play. Ready to free up more time in your daily life? Here are some great ways you can use apps to save time and run your business management operations more smoothly.

1. Organizing Files and Finances

Disorganization is a particularly common cause of wasted time in the workplace. Spending an hour or more per week searching for files or information means it’s time to take action. You can save time searching for files by using file-sharing tools, such as Dropbox, that will keep digital documents organized and accessible for any team members you are collaborating with. Keeping track of finances is even more crucial, so consider using automatic expense trackers to do the job for you.

2. Collaborating and Communicating

Collaborating and communicating can be cumbersome processes in business management. Are you partnering with freelancers or running a team of employees? You risk losing valuable time if you are not on the same page. Team communication apps like Slack provide a centralized space to discuss projects, share files or ideas, and chat seamlessly over text or voice channels. A robust communication software will empower groups who use apps to save time in ways that one-to-one email conversations cannot.

Additionally, you can also save time by avoiding problems before they even happen. A great way to do that is by integrating a bank account number verification API to verify identities, check balances, and securely access transaction histories – which will go a long way in terms of customer satisfaction and retention.

3. Scanning and Sending Documents

Another way to promote organizational habits is to use a mobile scanning app. Running a small business often entails keeping up with critical paperwork for government compliance, employee management, and more. Thus, it pays to have a convenient tool for quickly scanning and digitizing documents. Using a mobile scanner eliminates the need for office hardware and allows for quick scanning no matter where you are. Having immediate access to important documents on your smartphone means you can quickly send important paperwork to the intended recipients.

4. Marketing and Managing Social Posts

Marketing is the most important aspect of business when it comes to reaching new clients. On the other hand, it is also very time-consuming. Meticulous entrepreneurs will spend too much time studying website analytics and planning their social media marketing campaigns. Mobile business marketing apps will provide the information you need at a glance, available conveniently from your smartphone. To help with giving yourself some time away from your phone or computer, you can use social media scheduling apps to save time by uploading your posts at a pre-determined date.

Business owners who neglect to utilize the powerful tools available right from their smartphones are overlooking some truly effective time-saving methods. You can establish a better work-life balance right away by incorporating some of the best business management apps into your daily workflow. Allowing more free time creates the opportunity to start each workday with a truly refreshed mind and body.

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