Why Mobile, Why Now?

Have you ever found yourself asking: “Does my business need a mobile-friendly website?” If so, the answer is yes, and the time to upgrade your current website is now.

Take a look around and you’ll see the majority of those who surround you are fixated on their mobile devices. People of all ages are connected at all times of the day – having a responsive web design has proven to be an invaluable advantage for businesses.

Responsive web design alters and rearranges website layouts depending on the screen size of varying web browsers and devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.). Optimized web design ensures that your website adapts to any device, offers your consumers an ideal viewing experience and improves your site’s overall functionality.

Your Customers Want and Expect It

It’s no secret; your customers are no longer solely obtaining their information from desktops or laptops. With 90 percent of people switching between devices to accomplish tasks, your website needs to be multi-functional.

A mobile-friendly website offer your customers easier navigation and enhanced visibility. Today, consumers expect this level of functionality. However, adopting a responsive website isn’t as simple as some may think. Mobile phones have smaller display screens than a desktop computer, which makes traditional websites appear distorted and sometimes hard to read.

Traditional websites, not optimized for mobile devices, often feature long loading times and unfriendly interfaces. As a result, consumers tend to abandon these websites due to frustration and impatience. Embracing mobile-friendly strategies will help you retain valuable customers.

Google Favors Responsive Design

Google recognizes the importance of having navigation structures that work well across all devices and recommends responsive web design. In April 2015, the Google algorithm update transformed the way that Google displays mobile search results. Now, an poor user experience may be enough to tarnish a website’s SEO status.

Alternatively, responsive web design can boost businesses higher in search results and deliver organic traffic. More simply, websites that are responsive rank better than those that aren’t.

Give Yourself a Competitive Advantage

As a business, it is important to stay on top of technological advances and listen to the needs and desires of your consumers. Designing mobile-friendly websites that are optimized for functionality and consistency gains trust with users and builds your credibility. Only 56 percent of small businesses have websites that utilize responsive design. This is your chance to differentiate your brand from competitors.

It’s a Long-Term Solution

Embracing responsive web design can cut down on future design, development and maintenance costs. You will no longer have to manage two separate websites for mobile and desktop. Learning how to convert a website to mobile-friendly with responsive web design will ensure that your website remains optimized and functions as intended.

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