For higher education, meeting enrollment goals in quantity and quality of prospects is a high priority. Students, parents, and counselors are researching and making decisions online, and your web presence is influencing their choices. Digital marketing in higher education has proven to be beneficial and successful. If you want to target your ideal prospects and differentiate yourself from competitors, then a digital strategy is a must. To maximize the potential of your institution’s digital strategy, make use of these three ways digital marketing is influencing higher education recruitment:

1. Build a strong institutional brand

The power of a website is not to be underestimated. 78% of high school students reported that websites shape their perception of an institution. First impressions are extremely important, and they are nearly impossible to reverse. Most of your target market (students, parents, and influencers) will begin their research on your institution’s website. An effective and intuitive website will create trust and demonstrate an authoritative resource throughout the research process, creating a strong brand statement and allowing you to transform your school’s image.

2. Your target market is constantly connected

Your targeted prospects already spend the majority of their time online, so you need to make sure they’re able to find you. Getting found requires providing valuable content in the places where they prefer to conduct research – online. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that a traditional website is enough. This website needs to be responsive to all devices (mobile, tablets, desktop, etc.) Entice ideal prospects with relevant content and rank higher on search results by promoting the right keywords and answering prospects’ questions.

3. Engagement across all phases the student life-cycle

Prospective students are using college websites during all phases of the admissions cycle. Websites and social media have proven to be vital tools in distributing content and influencing students to apply to universities. Students desire information about areas of study, scholarships, and campus life. They crave personalized communication and are open to speaking to advisers online, through text message, or via social media. With mobile devices providing the most effective way to reach and communicate with this group, valuable and concise content is crucial for encouraging these students to apply.

An effective digital marketing strategy is an important step to attracting and engaging prospective students. Are you interested in determining the right digital recruitment strategies for your institution? If so, Millennium can help. Call or email to connect with us at 877-873-7445 ext. 201 or