Lead generation is the main goal of most business-to-business companies, and a large number of business-to-consumer organizations as well. When it comes to lead generation on websites, the tools have been in place for years now. Contact forms, subscription fields, request a demo buttons; these are excellent for users who are prepared to convert. But how do you generate leads when they are still determining what they need, or learning about your business in general?

These users are known as top-of-the-funnel leads, or website visitors. They are in the first stages of becoming a qualified, valuable lead. Nurturing leads through the process from visitor to customer starts with interesting content that motivates them to take the next step toward a conversion. Your website can be an excellent tool for casting out a net of targeted messaging and reeling in potential leads.

Looking for ideas beyond the basics of contact forms and email subscriptions? Check out these three new tips:

1. Live-Stream Content

The question of how to generate leads has a simple answer: engage your audience. Once they are interested, they will take steps to subscribe to offers or contact you directly when a need arises. Luckily, through the use of social media and modern video production, audience participation is a given. One way to begin the process of lead generation is live-streaming content directly to users.

Facebook Live and Periscope are the current leaders in live-streaming. Viewers can comment and react to content that you are sharing in-the-moment, creating the perception of a discussion board. Rather than leaving the content on the platform you posted it on, embed a recording in a video library on your website. At the end of the live-stream, alert your users that the video will be posted on your website and they can find more information on your products and services there as well. Sharing a link will also help drive traffic back to your website. An additional benefit of this lead generation method is consistently updated video content that search engines are serving up more and more often.

2. GPS-Based Advertising

Advertising on the Google Search and Display Networks, as well as other digital platforms like mobile applications, has become a necessity for increasing website traffic and subsequent conversions. Relevance is the primary focus of the search algorithms; keywords should be in titles, in descriptions, on landing pages, and always organically integrated. Relevance has now expanded to another dimension as well: location.

It’s the future we have been anticipating for years: you walk by a store and suddenly your phone vibrates with an advertisement for a sale that you might be interested in. The increase in wearable technology and vehicle GPS systems will lead to marketing space that is not yet overrun with competition. Businesses are already considering how to generate leads with GPS-based advertising as mobile recently trumped search in online advertising. Start strategizing ways to serve your advertisements within a specified radius during times that users are most likely to take interest. Lead them to landing pages with the exact information they are looking for, like a coupon to the sale you just advertised. Your audience-base will grow with local, valuable leads.

3. Influencer Marketing

If you are on social media for any reason, whether it be networking or leisure, you know there are certain accounts that have millions of followers. These individual users are known as influencers, and their audiences are generally larger than your own. So what do you do when you are a mid-sized automotive company and you find an influencer engaging in the same conversation as you? Enlist them in influencer marketing.

This 2016 trend is only gaining momentum this year, and there is a lot of data to prove it. The keyword alone has grown in search results by 5000%, and 70% of internet users would rather learn about a product or service through a third-party. Influencer marketing primarily works because it is the modern form of word-of-mouth; someone else is advocating on behalf of your brand. In fact, leads generated through word-of-mouth have a 37% higher retention rate.

Recruit an influencer by reaching out to them personally and sharing information about your business. Form a partnership by offering them space on your website in the form of guest blogs or sponsorships, and ask if they can do the same for you. They will send their audience to your website and add credibility to your brand with their endorsements.

Like any form of digital marketing, lead generation is always changing. While the foundation may stay the same, the strategy needs to change regularly in order to consistently attract a new audience. If you are wondering how to generate leads using your website, reach out to Millennium Integrated Marketing at lfanaras@mill-im.com or call 1-877-873-7445.

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