You’ve just started a business and you want to grow it quickly, but you have no idea where to start.

Before you even begin considering scaling your new business, it is vital that you have something people will get excited about, something they will be willing to pay for.

But you probably know that already, so let’s look at what your marketing strategy should be incorporating to attract and retain consumers. Here are 3 marketing strategy tips for startups:

1. Inbound and Content

Let’s say you’ve recently started a company that is hard at work building a solution to a specific problem that you’ve identified within your niche. It’s time to start writing about it. No doubt as you begin writing your passion and expertise will shine through and the result will be great content that drives lead generation.

Start engaging on Twitter, answering questions on Quora and begin hanging out online wherever your particular buyer personas can be found. Focus on adding value to conversations and highlight premium content that is going to convert visitors into paying customers right at the top of the funnel.

One particular technique that has proved popular is to write about your growth process with transparency. This can foster a good amount of engagement with your audience.

Investing time and budget in quality content will allow you to attract the right traffic and drive engagement while enjoying compounding returns over time.

2. Product Marketing

As your audience grows, concentrate on removing barriers as you strive to improve the customer experience. Now that you have your prospect’s attention, start converting them and showing them the value of your offerings. Show them just how much better life will be when they buy your products or services.

Be sure to lay out a clear value proposition and conversion path in your marketing strategy. Offer something for free, such as a demo or trial so you can demonstrate the significance of your offering.

3. Evangelism

Growth and referrals via word of mouth are some of the best ways to increase turnover, create second-order revenue and accelerate growth while lowering customer acquisition costs.

Every single customer is a marketing opportunity. Strive to go above and beyond the customer service experience and people are far more likely to recommend you.

By using these tactics in your marketing strategy, you will gain an established inbound lead speed and will be better positioned to calculate foreseeable revenue growth.

Growing Your Business

This can all feel pretty daunting, but growing your business is a task where your new we’ll orchestrated sales engine and marketing strategy will continue to pay dividends.

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