The National Association of Realtors reports that 90% of home buyers are searching online (as opposed to 37% in 1999), where they can access multiple photos and videos of available properties. In our technology-driven society, this can make or break sales success. Posting a variety of impressive, bright, high quality online photos leads to showings – and eventually, sales – while sharing only a handful (or less) of low quality, non-descriptive photos will keep properties on the market longer than necessary.

It is best to use persuasive photography produced by professional photographers, or at least professional-grade digital cameras, to achieve optimal listing results. This also holds true for photography featured in marketing materials used by agents and brokers, including brochures, listing sheets, web site copy, and advertisements. Clever marketing copy, glossy paper, and expensive ad placements will not generate leads or sell homes if the photos they feature are uninviting. They may even have the reverse effect by making the properties seem undesirable and the listing details appear falsified.

In addition, photography is a vital aspect of personal branding. It has the power to make prospective clients believe that listing agents or brokers are expert marketers, or alternatively, be perceived as unprofessional or unknowledgeable.

Many highly experienced photographers are self-employed and available for contract work at reasonable prices. Shop around to find the one that best suits your needs and budget, or contact an integrated marketing firm to use its in-house talent or request a referral.