Regularly send newsworthy press releases about your business, local industry, and/or business association(s) to the media (both on- and offline) to build name recognition. In addition, research your local and regional media and identify those focused on lifestyle, business, and feature stories. Contact them occasionally with well-crafted story pitches related to your industry. Ideas for pitches include a creative take on a hot industry topic or sharing the success story of a partner or client – with permission.

Another great way to gain media attention is to write and submit occasional op-eds about issues related to your industry for the editorial section of your local newspaper, business, and/or trade organization. This will effectively position you as an industry authority.

To integrate media relations into your busy schedule, put a weekly task on your calendar. This could be sending a pitch on Wednesday, following up by phone Monday, and emailing a statistic with local impact to a reporter the next week. Eventually, increase your tasks to two (or more) each week as you become more comfortable.

As with any relationship, being helpful, readily available, and courteous in all your media interactions will lend success. Your ability to provide factual information and your professional opinion at a moment’s notice will put you at the top of the media’s call list. In turn, you will become a regular, quotable source without much effort on your part – and your positive public image will increase sales and awareness for your business.

For additional support, get in touch with an integrated marketing firm to schedule media training.