Have you found that you made a mistake with your original brand positioning? The good news is that you can fix it no matter what stage you’re at with your brand and business. A good brand is constantly evolving anyways, so you can without a doubt revisit your brand positioning and revise it to make it more accurate, authentic, engaging, or whatever you feel is currently missing. Whether you missed research and data points when originally strategizing or you just feel that your brand positioning is no longer relevant to your mission, vision, and values – let us show you how to fix it. 

What is Your Brand Positioning? 

Brand positioning is simply the strategy you use to ensure your audience thinks of you in a positive light. Most brand positions have a somewhat emotional element that evokes a certain feeling in their audience, whether that be joy, sympathy, excitement, or other related emotions that can motivate an audience to interact. Your brand is so much more than your logo and sales, and it has been found that a consistent brand can increase your company’s revenue by up to 23%. However, you cannot position your brand blindly, instead you need to utilize data and market research to get to know your target audience and their needs, goals, and demands, as well as the overall market environment and context. To get started, consider the following: 

  • Identify your target audience’s main needs 
  • Define how your brand can meet those needs
  • Create a unique selling proposition 
  • Evaluate the competition 

Strong brand positioning is well thought out, and when fixing previous branding errors, it is crucial that you use a careful, strategic approach that ensures no step goes overlooked.  

Assess Where Your Brand is Currently 

Before you get started repairing your brand positioning, take a moment to step back and truly evaluate where your brand is at that moment. Be as honest and critical as possible, the more data you have the better. Assessing where your brand is currently will allow you to 1) ensure that the same mistakes are not repeated and 2) craft a successful brand positioning that sticks. Evaluating your current brand positioning also helps you understand what works and what does not so that you know where to pool your resources. 

Connect with Customers 

Your customers can tell you a lot about your brand and how accurate its positioning is. If customers have no clue what you do, or have the wrong idea entirely, that is a clear indicator that your brand positioning is not relevant and does not align with what your business is all about. If customers know what you do but do not know how to connect with you, this is another indicator that you are missing the mark. Connecting with your customers gives them the opportunity to be seen and heard in their frustrations, while also providing you with valuable feedback. 

Connecting with customers can take on many forms, consider utilizing customer reviews, social media interactions, referrals, and related communications to learn as much as possible about your brand from your customers point of view. Knowing exactly how your past, present, and future customers feel about your current branding will allow you to repair your inaccurate brand positioning successfully. 

Revisit Your Mission & Values 

Your mission, vision, and values dictate your brand and serve as the motivation for what you do. If your mission, vision, and values remain the same and your brand positioning does not alight with them, it is still a good idea to revisit them. Refreshing yourself and your team on what drives your brand on the daily will help you ensure that it is reflected accurately in your brand positioning this time.  

If your mission, vision, and values no longer align with your brand’s mission, now is the time to revisit them as well. You cannot choose to reevaluate one or the other, a successful brand positioning strategy will be cohesive and consistent across all platforms and communications. 

How well does your brand positioning reflect your mission, vision, and values? Do customers know what you have to offer based off your logo or headlines? Or do they have to do a bit of digging to understand who you are and what you have to offer? Revisiting the core pillars of your brand will help you better reposition it. 

Run Tests on Your Materials 

Running A/B testing on your marketing and branding strategies will help you guarantee that your brand positioning is accurate and successful. For example, when redesigning your logo, create focus groups to review several final designs and gather their feedback. Does one choice stand out more than the other? Does certain wording perform better than others in advertisements? Utilizing testing will help ensure that when you put all the pieces of your brand positioning together, they all fit. 

Take Your Time 

One of the biggest mistakes made during the branding process is rushing through the steps in an effort to save time and money. However, your brand positioning can make or break your brand’s success so it only makes sense that you take the time and care needed to give the process your full attention. Cutting corners will not pay off in the long run, which is why hiring the help of a professional branding firm such as Millennium Agency can help ensure you get your brand positioning right this time. We are branding experts and have conducted countless successful rebrands. We stay current on the best practices and hottest trends in branding, so that you receive the highest ROI and a successful, fresh brand. Connect with our team today to begin your better brand. 

About Millennium Agency   

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