It’s probably accurate to say that most business owners think of their brand as the graphical representation or logo that symbolizes their company. In truth though, the logo is just one element of branding, with brand strategy and architecture also contributing heavily to the overall company projection. Your brand should be a promise to your audience, a promise of value, trust and loyalty, and a whole lot of other qualities that are represented by that logo. Do you really need to establish architecture and brand strategy as part of your overall company branding? Absolutely – and here’s why.

A strong brand strategy includes:

Who You Are

Your brand goes far beyond being a flashy logo or a powerful image that projects strength and confidence. Your brand should convey to an audience exactly who you are and what you are all about as a business entity. There needs to be a strong correlation between that logo and the qualities which legitimately define your company to the world, otherwise it lacks meaning and legitimacy. It’s not enough to have a charismatic image of your company – you have to actually BE that image, or the logo itself means nothing. A good brand strategy will make sure that you are that image.

First Impressions

The saying goes that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. That may be true, but in the business world, your company will get a second, third, and many more chances to make a good impression on your audience of followers. If you have a solid marketing strategy, along with the branding architecture to support it, your company will have multiple opportunities to impress your target audience with favorable points. You need to make those chances count in order to have a meaningful impact.

Influencing Perception

You certainly can’t control how the public perceives your company – but you can definitely influence it. And that’s where strategy and marketing come into play. Every point of contact, every touch that occurs between users and the visible components of your strategy is a chance for you to give them a positive impression of your company. That means it is a chance to earn trust, deliver value, establish relationships and solidify loyalty.

Sharing Your Story

If there’s one thing that moves followers more than any other, it is hearing your company story, especially if it is presented in an engaging and powerful manner. Storytelling has the power to motivate people to take action because it connects with them emotionally, forges a bond between listener and storyteller, and, for at least a moment, transcends the business relationship and reaches a personal level. Your brand should be a representation of a compelling story about your company, because the story is something that will stick with the listener, and it will be the first thing they think of every time your logo reappears. In fact, it may even be the one thing a potential customer remembers most vividly about your company, so make sure to get it right.

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