Social media outreach is a necessity when marketing your business. With over 81% of the population having at least one social profile, it is a great way to reach consumers and promote your brand. A successful social media outreach strategy strives to gain followers and keep them engaged with the long-term goal of converting them into leads.

So how exactly do you grow your following and keep them engaged? Here are a few tips that your business can use to boost engagement among your social following:

Keep it Current

People are interested in current events which is why these posts are great for encouraging conversations. Current events should not be overly political or controversial in any way, but light topics such as local weather and fun industry related events are excellent post topics.

Offer Discounts and Run Promotions

Offering discounts, coupons, and running promotions over social media is eye catching to followers. A few examples of offers that often see success include:

  • Free shipping,
  • X% percent off
  • Buy 1 get 1 free
  • Offer expires on (date)

If your business already runs discounts and promotions for customers, this is an ideal social media outreach strategy.

Post Regularly

Engaging a social media audience requires regular posting. Posts that are too sporadic or too far spaced apart may lose interest. Posting too frequently, however, may lose follower engagement as well. Every business is different which is why it is important to find your “sweet spot” for post frequency. This may require a bit of time and gathering consumer data to home in on.

If your business is open 7 days a week and does daily promotions, then frequent posting may be for you. If your business is in manufacturing, operating Monday – Friday, then perhaps 2-4 posts per week is right for you. The important thing is to be consistent, once you find the most engaging post schedule for your business, try not to deviate too much from it.

Educate Audience

People love to learn quick, interesting facts. This is an opportunity to implement your social media outreach strategy by sharing industry news as well as engaging followers in a fun and creative way. “Did you know that…” posts are an effective way to garner likes and encourage conversations. Whether it be fun facts or links to informative statistics, blogs, or news articles, these types of posts are an excellent option for any business.

Ask Questions

Asking questions turns one-way posts into a two-way channel, stimulating interaction with consumers and fueling engagement. “What do you think?” or “post below with your opinion!” are just a few options for motivating followers to reply. Questions are especially effective for showing that you care and encouraging participation and community among your customers.

Speak in a Human Voice

Posting with the voice of a large corporation shows professionalism and demonstrates your business as a trusted, solidified organization but it can be intimidating when it comes to follower responses. A down-to-earth voice is much more approachable and, depending on your business, may suit you better for encouraging replies.

Showing that you are in touch with your roots is an excellent way to connect with your customer base. Brief posts about how your business started or perhaps a few words from your founders are just a few ways that you can show followers that you are professional, but also down to earth and approachable.


Small contests, trivia, games, and so on appeal to the gamer in everyone. Depending on your business, raffling off a prize could be right for you. This is an excellent incentive that encourages participation among your followers. The incentive does not have to be huge, even small winnings catch the eyes of followers scrolling through a social feed. One useful method that also provides feedback is to offer a gift or discount in return for filling out a survey.

Having social media presence has shifted from being optional for businesses to a necessity. An engaging social strategy builds your brand image and creates lead generation. To learn more about how your business could benefit from a stronger social media outreach, contact Jessica Chabot, Vice President, Client Services of Millennium Agency at

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