1. Be trustworthy

Every relationship is built upon trust. In terms of customers and products, it’s no different. Customers will buy products they are familiar with and trust. With their 100% satisfaction guarantee, L.L. Bean is willing to go above and beyond to keep their customers happy. When customers know they can trust a certain brand, they will begin to feel comfortable and return to purchase that same brand again.

  1. Be innovative

Apple is a company that continuously strives to produce innovative products. From their iPhones to their Mac laptops and everything in-between, Apple has competitors waiting for the opportunity to take advantage of any failure. With a 76% retention rate, Apple has been able to remain atop of their industry. Due to their ever changing innovative ways, Apple has built a customer base that has been very loyal to them.

  1. Be engaged

Interacting with your customers is a great way to create a positive image around your brand. Using social media to respond quickly to tweets or Facebook comments shows that your business cares about its customers and hearing their opinions. Starbucks created a Twitter account for their customers to share their ideas with them and respond to many ideas throughout the week. More times than not, the person you interact with will tell their friends by retweeting or sharing the post, giving you more visibility.

  1. Be valuable

What makes your business different from others in your industry? In order to stand out to customers you have to understand them and their needs and you have to understand why they’re coming to you. Provide value to your customers by being an expert resource for all of their needs, questions, and concerns. When you are engaged with your customers and provide them with information and services they need, you will find that they become repeat customers for that added value you provide.

  1. Be relevant

Keep up-to-date with the latest trends. Take advantage of opportunities that arise in social media. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge saw not only company executives get water dumped on their heads, but also saw them donate to the foundation. This allows your company access to free press through social media. Customers will be able to see how your business interacts with customers and provides value, branding a positive image for your business.

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net