HBO – Awkward Family Viewing

There are a lot of good reasons why we don’t watch Game of Thrones with our parents, and, seeing as how this is the least cringe-inducing spot of the whole campaign, the marketing wizards at HBO most certainly know the struggle. Such a funny and (unfortunately) relatable campaign for a service we were already obsessed with.

K-Mart – Ship My Pants

Pretty amazing how much mileage you can get out of a double entendre. We don’t care what Rain Man says; you’re alright by us, K-Mart.

GE – Enhance Your Lighting

Excuse us while we go blow all our savings on light bulbs. Never underestimate the power of Goldblum.

DirecTV – Wires

Some of the spots in this campaign were admittedly better than others, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t bust a gut at that “not weird” line. Not for nothing, but we’re all about that no wires look, too.

Newcastle- Non-Super Bowl Ad

Why spend millions on air time during the big game when you can make fun of your own product and give the world another reason to love Anna Kendrick? Let’s just hope Budweiser is taking notes. Remember when they used to have the best Super Bowl commercials? Those were the days…

Honorable(?) Mention: Totino’s – TOTINO BOY!

It isn’t often we see a brand take the “nightmare fuel” approach towards marketing their signature product, but more power to Totino’s for taking the road rarely traveled with Tim and Eric on this one. Arguably hilarious and undeniably bizarre, give it up to Totino’s for getting us talking about pizza rolls for the first time since middle school sleepovers.

And that’ll do it for 2014! Now, we want to know: what were your favorite ads from the past year?