People are always on the go and often inclined to utilize resources that provide value while being conducive to a busy lifestyle. With more than half of Americans now owning a smartphone, many tune into podcasts to get their needed dose of education, news, humor, and more.

As of June 2013, there were 575 million active user accounts for the iTunes Store. This is a significant opportunity to promote your podcasts across the digital space and engage users in your content and business services.

Here are several ways that demonstrate why podcasts work:

  • Mobile devices provide infinite opportunity to reach your audiences. What’s best about podcasts through mobile? They allow users to listen in when it’s convenient for them rather than having to tune in at a specific time, providing you more opportunity to generate user engagement.
  • Provide value to your customers and those interested in your business through relative content that will educate and entertain your target audiences. If you prove to be a valuable resource, you will improve your customer loyalty in more than just your podcasts.
  • Stay current in news and trends that will make your podcasts relevant and worthy of user engagement. You can increase your business’s visibility by staying ahead of the curve and developing podcasts around newsworthy topics that will provide value to listeners.
  • Cost effective in many ways, podcasts require an initial investment in equipment, but mostly require time and creativity. Your ability to reach such a wide and varied audience online is invaluable. Become a valued resource for your listeners and you’ll be able to utilize podcasts to increase your client conversion rates.

Does your business use podcasts to connect with target audiences?

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