Here are several places you should send your news release for maximum exposure:

  • Local list. Start with a local list of publications including dailies, weeklies, major newspapers and magazines, etc. Remember to only send to magazines if the topic aligns with the publications content. Local lists can consist of pubs in your town/city and surrounding towns/cities, as well as major cities nearby. If you’re from a small state, consider sending it statewide.
  • Industry list. Depending on the content of your release, you should send it to all industry specific publications. You will want to keep all of your lists current and up-to-date but consider doing a monthly search to keep this list as current as possible and adding new, relevant pubs when applicable.
  • Social media. Post your news release to your social media pages and encourage your followers to share and spread the news. This is always an excellent and easy outlet to share your news releases.
  • Post to your website. You should have a news section on your website. Always add your news releases to your website after they have gone out to all of the appropriate publications. This will allow you to keep a record of all your important news, as well as enable visitors to scroll through content to learn more about your business.
  • PR Newswire. Consider opening an account with PR Newswire and sending your releases through this useful tool. You are able to customize where and when your release is sent, purchase additional lists and specify locations you want to target.

What are some of the resources that you use to distribute your news releases?

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