However, it’s never too late to get your business up and running on social media with a good social media marketing plan to back it up. Whether you’re a newbie or a social media veteran, here are some social media trends to look for in 2014:

  • Micro-videos continue to grow. Short videos for social sites like Vine and Instagram boomed in 2013 and will continue to pick up the pace in 2014. If your business hasn’t already gotten into micro-videos, now is the time to latch onto this trend. Micro-videos are an excellent way to engage customers, and hold the potential to go viral.
  • Hashtags will be huge. This will be another year that we see growth in hashtags, not just on social media but in other marketing and advertising materials like television, print, billboards, collateral, and more. Come up with a unique hashtag for your business and campaigns, and research trending hashtags that will correlate with your industry and messaging.
  • Google+, Pinterest, Instagram will gain popularity (don’t forget about Snapchat!). Facebook and Twitter have ruled the social media sphere for some time with LinkedIn right up there. However, other social sites like Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and even Snapchat will gain popularity in 2014. Google+ is excellent for social networking, Pinterest has introduced a new platform and advertising options with promoted pins, Instagram introduced micro-videos, and Snapchat has become a social media star on the rise.
  • Branding, social media is a necessity. Social media sites are an excellent way to spread your brand across multiple platforms and reach different audiences. The branding of your social sites will be a key factor in your overall success. Marketers will also continue to see the increased necessity of elevating their social media status through branding and social advertising.
  • Content still rules, remember video and photos. The importance of good, branded content will continue to rule in 2014. Content that is engaging, entertaining, and beneficial to followers will be integral in social media success, especially the popularity of photo and video posts.

What social media trends do you think will be big in 2014? Tell us in the comments below!

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