The Internet is playing a larger and increasingly more significant role when people decide to buy anything – be it a piece of furniture or the services of a financial planner. In many instances, company websites are initially reviewed, but those business owners and salespeople that embrace social media tools like video bios, blogging, social networks, and social bookmarking interact with considerably more prospective and existing customers.

To successfully build an online presence, focus on producing quality content to engage participants, serve as a valuable resource, and build a strong referral network. Consider a blog to be like an office space or coffee shop for conversations and post to it frequently. Content like video bios can even be posted simultaneously on business web sites, blogs, and social network profile pages, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Using multiple online marketing mediums will increase the likelihood of your message being received and expand the number of personal connections being made.

Another online solution to promote the expertise and personality of business owners and salespeople is the production and use of video bios. Video bios serve as a great way to bridge the offline-online marketing gap and enable prospects to place a face with a name – while also getting a sense of that businessperson’s personal style. This online tool has the proven power to garner trust and leave a lasting impression that converts prospects into clients.

Social media and video bios are only part of a successful integrated marketing strategy for business owners. However, when combined with other online marketing efforts, like search engine optimization and ad placement, social media and video bios can transform your web presence – greatly increasing lead generation and sales. An integrated marketing firm can assist you in designing and executing an effective marketing strategy that ensures online efforts are working in tandem with offline tactics (like press releases and direct mail) to deliver the laser-sharp messaging that will generate leads and increase sales.

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