As any graphic designer, web designer, or marketing team can tell you, the hardest thing about starting out is getting your work noticed. Founded by CEO Ron Young, the idea behind Shocase is to create both a community and a bridge between creatives of all kinds and their potential clients. Since every campaign is the result of a team effort, it also gives everyone involved a chance to showcase (pun intended) their individual contributions.

Once you join and create your profile, you can start building a digital portfolio for all to see, complete with photos, videos, campaigns, etc.

From there, users can send samples of their work to interested parties far and wide. Taking a page from Facebook, their news feed also allows users to stay up to date with trending news and engage with the latest work being created by their peers.

Since launching in January of this year with 1,100 beta users under its belt, it remains to be seen just how effective Shocase has been, and will be, when it comes to allowing its users to make good on its potential benefits. That being said, with over 100 million marketing professionals across the globe to cater to, and companies like Coca-Cola, Disney, and Apple to connect with, the potential is definitely there.

Feel free to visit their website to learn more about what Shocase has to offer and let us know what you think in the comments section below.