Introduced only in 2004, podcasts have exploded in popularity and now feature everything from celebrity interviews, the arts, and cooking shows, to news, career advice, and comedy. The appeal of the podcast is its convenience for the user – podcasts can be downloaded to a computer, iPod, or MP3 player and listened to at any time.

In an uncertain market, business owners and marketers that take the time to produce and distribute podcasts will stand out. This medium provides an opportunity for professionals to highlight their ingenuity, expertise, and industry connections. Podcast topics can vary from event promotions to advice and interviews with industry experts. Innovation is the key to building a solid podcast following – identify what topics and formats benefit your subscribers most and be creative.

Your podcast should be featured on your web site, shared via social media sites, and listed in your email signature footer. In addition, a variety of free podcast directories exist online for users to easily find and subscribe to your podcast. Be sure to ask businesses you regularly work with (and refer your clients to) to include a link to your podcast on their web sites. A solid subscriber list will result in increased web and social media traffic, which will allow you to capture qualified leads and have the opportunity to turn them into clients.

There are many easy and affordable software programs and microphone headsets for producing a podcast from a personal computer. For more details, or for assistance with getting started, contact an integrated marketing firm.