Given the importance of visual content and appeal, businesses need to ask themselves whether they have the business or are in the best industry to invest their social media resources into Pinterest. Take some time to consider these aspects of Pinterest before you setup your business’s Pinterest page:

B2C or B2B – Pinterest is ideal for many B2C businesses, especially retailers. If your business is selling products or services that are visually appealing, than Pinterest is probably going to be a great asset for your social media initiatives. B2B businesses can also utilize Pinterest, but will need to get a little more creative to find it useful.

Female target audience – Pinterest undoubtedly caters to women, the statistics are overwhelming. If your business has a large female target audience, then utilizing Pinterest may be a smart move for you to further build relationships with customers and build brand awareness.

Visually appealing products and services – If your business specializes in products or services that are visually appealing and align with Pinterest’s platform, than this may also be an indicator that you should startup your own page. If your business sells clothing, is a restaurant, boutique, etc. Pinterest is a good fit. If you sell used auto parts, Pinterest probably isn’t the best place to capture your audience.

Brand engagement – Major brands all over the country are taking advantage of Pinterest not only to sell their products and services but to build brand awareness. If your business is a good fit for Pinterest than you can take advantage of increasing brand awareness and engagement. Even if your business isn’t a perfect fit, consider using Pinterest to display your company’s personality to customers and connect with them on a much loved social media platform.

Check our major brands using Pinterest like Starbucks, PetSmart, Lord & Taylor, and Home Depot.

Do you use Pinterest for your business? What made you decide to get started? Tell us below.