Benefits of Blogging for Your Brand

It may seem ironic to blog about blogging, but it exemplifies the very benefits of using a blog to build a stronger brand for your business:

  • Positioning yourself as an expert in your field.
  • Keeping abreast of industry trends.
  • Commenting on noteworthy topics.
  • Focusing your content development.
  • Building relationships and driving traffic.

Blogs have increasingly become a pivotal tool in the public relations toolbox to connect directly with consumers and journalists alike. The more conversational style of a blog cuts through the traditional “PR speak” and enables the writer to showcase the business personality, develop rapport with readers and enhance the online relationship. According to HubSpot, 60% of businesses that blog acquire more customers. Let’s take a closer look at how blogging can help your business build a stronger brand.

Establish Your Expertise

From airlines to finance, healthcare to zoology and every industry in between, businesses are blogging to share their stories, control their narrative and position themselves as experts in their field. Blogging is one of the fastest and most cost effective means of putting your story out there in the way you want to tell it. Your blog enables you to not only share your news, but also the personality behind the brand.

Blogs tend to take on a more conversational tone because they are written for the end reader, not a gatekeeper. A blog can help your business build a stronger brand through personalization, and position you as an industry leader through focused, timely and relatable content.

Focus Your Strategy

Once you establish your business blog, it will become the focal point of your content strategy fueling your social media and web traffic. Writing a blog forces your business to answer the important questions like who you are writing for and why. Committing to a blog also requires you to develop a regular posting schedule of topics that are relevant, relatable and responsive to your readers’ wants and needs. Remember, it is a two-way conversation and what you blog about today may just be the answer to a new client’s question months from now.

Build Relationships

One of the biggest benefits of blogging to build a stronger brand for your business, is that you speak directly to your target audience(s). Your blog can open up a whole new world of engagement not possible through traditional public relations and marketing. Through those that comment, follow and share your blog, you can build relationships and expand your reach. That dialogue not only allows you to share industry insight and a look behind the scenes of your business, it also helps you discern how consumers are using your product or service. By gaining awareness of questions, concerns or ideas consumers might have about the user experience enables you to be responsive and help build out your content strategy.

Media is another key audience. Increasingly, editors and journalists look to blogs for insight on trending topics and ideas for news and feature stories. Due to the more open and conversational writing style, your blog can “cut through the clutter,” so to speak, build trust and place your business front and center for the next big journalistic scoop.

Increase the Bottom Line

So you’ve established a blog, invested time in researching and writing posts, and have a following. What is the payoff? Increased traffic to your website through social media and search engines, as well as generating leads via calls to action. According to HubSpot, every blog post results in another indexed page on your website increasing the opportunity to be picked up by search engines and increasing web traffic through organic search. And as mentioned earlier, your blog feeds your social media which can expose your business to new audiences while expanding your reach in established social circles. Add in the compounding effect of a blog, which is to say the post you write today can still be generating leads six months to a year from now, and your relevance in the marketplace continues to rise.

Ready to Breakout Your Business Blog?

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