What businesses should know is that more than half of internet users read blogs each month. Furthermore, businesses that blog receive 55% more web traffic then those that do not. Businesses can reap the benefits of blogs by setting aside time each week to write a relevant and compelling blog for their business. By following the simple tips outlined below, your company will be able to build a blog that enhances your SEO, increases traffic to your site, engages customers with your business and other social media accounts, and leads to an overall successful marketing approach.

Follow these 7 simple tips to a better business blog:

  1. Be the expert. Readers and potential customers want to be assured that your business is the most knowledgeable and informed source on the subject matter in your blogs. Be sure that you are clear and concise in your topic and delivery. Support your writing with statistics and research, and remember to identify the credible author of the blog.
  2. Personal should also be professional. Blogs tend to be a more casual platform that should have a conversational, yet professional tone. Always keep in mind that you are representing your business, so be friendly, but always write as if you were talking to a client or colleague.
  3. Topics of value. Blogs should always highlight a relevant topic that is of value to your readers. Be sure to stay informed about your readers’ interests and have each blog be a representation of your business’ expertise.
  4. Link it. Remember to link your blog back to the content on your website when it is relevant and serviceable to do so. Link to past blogs, service pages, whitepapers, social media accounts, etc.
  5. Inspire a call to action. Incorporate a call to action into your blogs, as this will encourage your readers and clients to ask questions, provide valuable feedback like comments and suggestions, and share your blogs with others.
  6. SEO and keywords. Blogs are a natural source of search engine optimization (SEO). Be sure that your blog is well-linked and loaded with all of the essential keywords that will drive traffic to your blog, website, and social media accounts.
  7. Appeal to the reader. Blogs should be short and sweet. Readers want something that is informative and easy to digest, as well as visually appealing. Try to keep blogs between 400-600 words, add an image or video, and keep the simple outline structure of introduction, body, and conclusion.

With these essential blogging tips, you will be able to write and maintain a business blog that attracts readers and adds value to your marketing efforts.

What business blogs do you follow? Why?