When you’re rethinking your content marketing strategy, here are seven content writing tips to capture your audience and keep them wanting more:

  1. Headlines that pack a punch. You’re going to want to grab the customer right away, so use bold headlines that are direct and entertaining. Use vivid words and a hook that will entice the reader to continue on.
  2. Messaging that provides value. You need to be providing value to the customer, always. This doesn’t mean give away all your trade secrets, but leave them feeling like they’ve learned something. This will help them see you as a knowledgeable industry figure, and build trust.
  3. Tell them the benefits. Writing content that is benefit-oriented lends to providing messaging with value. Tell the customer how your products or services will benefit them now and in the future. This will help customers in the decision making-process.
  4. Have some personality, branding. Write content that is interesting, that you would want to read yourself. There is a way to be professional and personable. Write content that appeals to your audience and coincides with your brand and beliefs. Customers like companies that they have shared values with.
  5. Identify, find the pain points. When thinking about the benefits your product or service provides, also think of the pain points for customers and why they need you. Call attention to this in a way that will enlighten the reader as to why they need your product or service.
  6. Back up your point, use statistics. Opinions are great, but whenever you can use research or statistics, you should. People trust statistics from credible sources, so use them to your advantage when identifying customer benefits and pain points.
  7. Make it easy to read. This is a big one. In a society constantly seeking instant gratification, you need to make things easy on them to read. Use bold headlines and sub-headlines, short paragraphs, and lists or bullets. Remember, it’s about quality, not quantity.

How do you capture audience attention through content writing? Tell us in the comments below.

Image courtesy of Nutdanai Apikhomboonwaroot at FreeDigitalPhotos.net