Here are five ways you can simplify your blogging process for better results:

  1. Set a schedule, get into routine. Starting or maintaining a blog can get overwhelming at times, do yourself a favor and set a daily/weekly schedule to follow. If you get into a blogging routine, you will find that your writing and other blogging tasks run more smoothly.
  2. Manage an editorial calendar. Getting yourself organized is another important part of simplifying the blogging process. Make your life easier by organizing your blog topics into an editorial calendar to keep record of past blogs and plan for future posts.
  3. Keep a record of your ideas. If you have a blog, you’re probably constantly turning up new ideas for topics and tips for readers. Have a notebook or somewhere where you can jot down all of your ideas, keep a record. It’s easy to have a stroke of brilliance and lose it five minutes later.
  4. Scan resources for inspiration. It can get difficult to come up with new, interesting content all of the time, so use resources like online publications and your local Barnes & Noble to peruse for inspiration. Stay in tune with trending topics and consider writing the latest buzz of the hour.
  5. Proofing is essential, ask for help. We can’t say this enough, proof your work! It helps to have someone else proof your work, see if there is someone you can partner up with who has an objective eye. Blogs that are filled with typos are just embarrassing and don’t impress readers.

Do you simplify your blogging process in any of these ways? Tell us in the comments below.

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