Content: Content marketing is a priority and will continue to be in SEO because it provides value to users and spurs things like links, social shares, and more. Focus on content when you’re developing your SEO strategies and be sure to properly integrate your chosen keywords into your content.

Quality: It’s not enough to have constant content updates without providing value and quality. It’s no longer just about quantity but rather about quality. Content that is unique and valuable in the information that it provides will be ranked higher, as will content with well-placed inbound and outbound links.

Social: Social media now plays a role in SEO due to social content that is shared amongst users being valued by search engines as authentic and desirable. Things like likes, shares, retweets, and more on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other popular sites will play a positive role in your SEO if executed effectively.

Location: Over 40% of internet searches include local indicators by searchers. This means that integrating your location into your SEO is going to be essential for searchers to find you effectively. Integrate SEO into maps, local listings, and more to get the most from local searches.

Mobile: With the amount of searches from mobile devices increasing, having a mobile-friendly site that will convert in mobile searches is essential. Mobile searches are often prompted by the need for local information as well, so integrating location into your SEO will help local searchers find you.

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