Five Questions About OTT Advertising

OTT simply means “Over the Top” and is the preferred terminology the industry uses to describe watching streaming video on-demand, over the internet.


Download "Five Questions About OTT Advertising" to learn more about how over-the-top advertising can boost your marketing results by utilizing streaming video platforms like Hulu and Sling for ad placement.

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The use of OTT is growing exponentially. Soon an estimated 192 million Americans will use an OTT service. In a study done by the Video Advertising Bureau, 65% of people report that when streaming content they actively search the internet to learn more about a product advertised.

OTT allows you to target Millennials and Generation Z in a way that no other medium can deliver—with precision.

This guide will help answer the five most common OTT questions.

  • Why should I use OTT Advertising for my business?
  • Who watches OTT ads?
  • Can I afford OTT advertising?
  • How do I make a television commercial?
  • Can OTT advertising help my business grow?

Not sure where to start with OTT? Millennium Agency can help. We are a full-service digital advertising company with more than 20 years of advertising experience. We can help you create a commercial that is specifically optimized for OTT. We also have established relationships with OTT service providers to help you get the best, most cost-effective advertising rates.

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